3 Tips towards a Toxic Free Summer

Here’s to a Toxic Free Summer! Normally, summer activities are often accompanied by products that are hazardous to our health. As intentional families, we want to aim towards a Toxic Free Summer! All that fun in the sun, hiking in the wilds and wilderness in bug infested forests, adventure and sports can take a toll on our bodies.

Here is 3 tips towards a Toxic Free Summer and WHY you need to use them:

Sun Skin Care; Conventional Sunscreens on most store shelves contain ingredients that have been linked to skin cancer. Many Essential Oils in plants carry natural SPF to protect the plants from the sun’s rays. Choose to make your own sunscreen using the proper essential oils or try Dr. Mercola’s SPF 30 Sunsreen. Too much sun? Young Living’s Lavender Lotion to the rescue!

Bumps, Bruises and Scrapes;  Stay away from antibiotic ointments if possible! See the video to find out Why! Our natural and effective alternatives are: Young Living’s Melrose Oil blend and Young Living Lavender Oil. (I can’t vouch for other brands of Essential Oils, as I had little to no success in all my years with other brands of essential oils before we switched to Young Living).

Bug away and After-Bite care; Don’t be apart of the experiment! Rats and Military have had serious irreversible  side effects because of the use of Deet (an ingredient in conventional bug repellent). Our favorite natural alternative is Young Living’s Purification blend.

For more Toxic Free Living Videos, Check my page out here!

Learn more here.

What are some of your Toxic Free Summer tips?

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Everyday Angelic Activity: Episode 1

Angelic activity at the Keg? There could be weirder blog posts written. This is episode 1 of what I hope to be the first of other experiences of Everyday Angelic Activity!

A few months ago, on one of our city trips (we currently live 6hrs away from the closest city center), we could not find a babysitter for our date night. So, my husband who did not want to miss an opportunity to dine at a finer restaurant than what is available back home, announced, “let’s take the kids!” I was a little shocked and apprehensive to say the least, to cart 5 children ages 2-11 to the Keg on a Saturday evening downtown Winnipeg?!

Angelic ActivityA little background – over the recent years, behind the scenes our family has experienced an increase in the supernatural. Dreams and visions are not uncommon in our home, including short adventures to heaven – which as crazy as it sounds and easy to dismiss – when you hear a child describe things in heaven that are written in the bible that they’ve never read…it makes you stop and wonder.

“Unless you become like a little child”…the bible says, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is just about as non-religious as you can get…children rich in amazing imaginations…What if the church were to look a little more like that?

Angelic Activity

On this evening as we loaded up the vehicle, I had a strong impression on my heart – almost tangible – that we were about to have a divine encounter. I felt the Lord say that to me. I told my husband – so that when it happened there was some accountability and if/when it happened, it would not seem like I made it up. I was expecting to meet someone, someone special or a person from our past or Something…I was in for a surprise.

With impressions like this, it’s not like it’s continually on my mind. In fact if I don’t share it immediately OR write it down, I pretty much forget about it sometimes within minutes. This was not any different…we piled into the foyer of the restaurant and I had already forgotten that we were going to have an encounter with someone special.

Angelic Activity

The reservation was under Rene, my husband. We were greeted with the typical over and above exuberance of a restaurant staff that aim to please. As the took us to the table, they realized that there had been a mistake, they’d given our table to a second reservation under Rene. A group of young business men took up half of it. They apologized as we turned to go back to the foyer. The young business men jumped from their table and expressed that there was N0 Way they were going to take a table from a family with FIVE children.  I can see that we were somewhat of an unusual sight at the Keg on a Saturday night, but it’s not like we are the Dugger’s or something.

Angelic ActivityThe server was immediately there as we were still removing our jackets, like they are in most good restaurants – and he mumbled something about api’s for the kids right away. But I really didn’t hear, because I was busy getting kids settled with their crayons and Keg colouring pages. Just as I sat down, a few servers swarmed the table with plates of sliced strawberries, celery six and dip, crackers…lots of little things – each plate identical and artistically displayed was placed in front of each of the 5 kids. Wow, we were pretty impressed with that. We could have left there happy right then.

The rest of the evening is a blur now, except that our experience was the most exceptional dining experience we’d ever had with our children in the decade since we’d had children. The business men visited our table a couple of times to ask how his favorite family was doing. It was almost crazy how on display I felt. There other families there that night, other kids and carseats and all that – but I felt like we were fussed over more than average somehow. The gave us additional orders and now extra cost…it was all a bit strange. I chalked it all up to the fact that it was a great restaurant that went above and beyond our expectation – or a family of 7 meant all hands on deck…all of those are quite possible and maybe even more likely than angelic activity.

Angelic ActivityAs I said early, I had completely forgotten about the impression I’d had about a divine encounter earlier that evening.

It was hours later, lying in bed, kids all asleep, I remembered. As I was resting, I asked the Lord, where was that encounter with someone. I heard him say, “Lets go back to the restaurant.”

Immediately I was back in the restaurant in my mind or in my spirit. And there was another person sitting at our table. Golden, shining, straight, slique hair, he sat there in the middle, with his face so firm like a Lion, radiating an unearthly authority – at first I thought it was the Lord. “This is an Angel named Favor.”

I shuddered. Within seconds I saw every moment we had been in the restaurant, each moment was covered in extraordinary favor. You can read this and hypothesize that it was just really good restaurant service OR you can consider that everyday angelic activity does happen. It was very frequent in ancient history. And it was a church bound in religious demons that outlawed talking to or about angels, calling it worship of angels. Rather than walk around bound in fear of deception, I choose to submit myself and my family under the government of the God of Angel armies. I may make mistakes along the way, However I have a Good Good Father!

May you have increased everyday angelic activity!                                                                                   Warmly, Patty-Jean

How to help a Friend buy a Starter kit, when they Can’t afford it.

IMG_3096“I can’t afford it!” “I’d love to, but it’s just not in my budget.”

We’ve all heard that before, and in fact I Said it too, I certainly believed it.

We buy groceries every month, we buy personal care products every month, and most people also buy medications every month.   afforedable young living

How to help a Friend buy a Starter kit, when they Can’t afford it? There are 3 Ways to Afford and Buy a Starter Kit from Young Living.

#1. Family gifts it to you. If you have family looking for gift ideas for you, and their budget is $200 – fantastic! Great Gift!

IMG_1427#2. You are able to front the money, meanwhile in the Same month (maybe even at the same time), you help 3 friends get the same thing – a starter kit. How? Your sponsor can do a mini class with you and some of your friends, or YOU can even do this, yes, even it you are brand spanking new! I have some guides to help you do that if you wish! Helping 3 friends buy kits too and you will receive a bonus of approx. $150+. This is exactly what I did. My sponsor gave me a guide and I unassumingly showed a few friends and was shocked that all 3 wanted kits as well!

FullSizeRender(10)#3. Sell Stuff! If you live in North America, or a country with a similar economy, chances You have stuff to sell! Sell through facebook buy and sell groups, kijiji, etc. Nice, in new condition clothing, stuff you haven’t been using, ANYTHING! I once wanted to go to a retreat that we couldn’t afford, and so I baked and delivered cinnamon rolls (advertised through a local facebook buy and sell group), and paid for the registration of about $200 baking 2 Fridays only!acba3-bebeelousia065The bottom line is value! So many people I have helped in the beginning were overwhelmed to start with the whole kit, so they started with 2 or 3 oils. This is sad, because the amount they paid, they were already half way to the starter kit (or more) that comes with 11 oils, diffuser and lots of other goodies. When you get started with me, I’ll provide you with reference material to show you how and what to use your oils for. Take this into consideration, if you were to purchase PanAway, Frankincense and Thieves you are already 1/2 way or more in the cost of the whole kit.

7d089-007I hope this has been helpful. You and your family Are So worth it! This month I’m giving specific reference material in regards to pregnancy, babies and children and essential oils. Also Get an additional Free Dew Drop diffuser when you do our 90 day health blast! Get your Starter Kit here.

Warmly, Patty-Jean

Sugar binge bye bye

Sugar binge It’s after the holidays…Sugar binge bye bye and goodbye additional carbs! Hello back to daily life!  My mom use to say how interesting it was that media would proclaim flu epidemics around the high sugar holidays. It is common knowledge in the alternative health community that refined sugar feeds sickness and disease. Thousands have won battles of various health crisis by cutting out sugar.

IMG_2770For FANTASTIC melt-in-your-mouth chocolate recipes, web search, “coconut oil, almond butter, sugar-free, cocoa, recipe” and there are some gorgeous recipes – we have played around with adding Young Living Orange or Young Living Peppermint oil to our sugar free chocolate creations.

sugar free chocolate At one family gathering we had Tante Diane’s homemade dark chocolate cups filled with whipped coconut milk,  berries, and chia seed! Wonderful! Why compromise the immune system and send you in line with the “flu epidemic” – when there are great alternatives we can make.

sugar free chocolate


After 10 days away from home, celebrating and visiting family and friends – getting back into the swing of things is not small…below, in my pj’s and bedhead, no make-up {keeping it real}, holding my little crutch Frankincense, GeneYus, and Northern Lights Black Spruce…smells heavenly while helping me focus!

focus oils

Warmly, Patty-Jean


Here on Earth As it is in Heaven

Starter Kit Black Friday Deal!

Until the end of Nov. 30balck fridayDoes this make a difference for you?

$20 Cash Back! A portion of your purchase donated to Samaritan’s Purse the Refugee Crises! Plus Reference Material, Training and Support.

You just want to try the oils? This is for you. You want to do this as a home business? This is also for you.

AP-Samaritans-Purse-Responding-to-Refugee-Crisis-in-EuropeEnds the evening of November 30th, 2015! Your Premium Kit as a new wholesale member is Here! Tour Your Kit Here!


Spirituality for Kids

Is Spirituality for kids important? Whether or not it is important to us, parents, – whatever we live, we are teaching our children.

DSC01329 We as parents set a stage, we set the environment that they grow in. Is it a nurturing one that is life giving? Or is toxic because we live in reactionary mode instead of intentional mode? Spirituality for kids happens whether we are intentional or not. Either they are growing disconnected or connected in body, soul and spirit.oct 11 014When God speaks to my children, sometimes I feel skeptical. And when I say skeptical, I’m just being honest. I do hold to the belief that God is more interested in revealing Himself to my children (to anyone), than I could ever convince. And I resolved a long time ago that the Lord can speak better to an individual than I can. Not to say that God cannot speak through people, he most definitely can!   But I know that God’s ways are higher than my ways, His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. And so to make a quick judgments about how someone hears from God, or if they hear from God is really more His business than mine.

oct 11 030One of the uncomfortable (for me), “words”, or vision that my oldest three children have had at different times over the years has had a similar theme. It is picture/vision/thought (during Listening Prayer)  of the Lord {Jesus} standing before them and the devil, Satan. And in this picture the Lord is asking, “Whom will you serve?” Or more accurately, In their words, “Who do you choose?”

oct 11 031A few days ago my six-year-old explained her vision that she had had during our listening prayer or quiet meditation. She said she saw Jesus and the devil, Satan standing in front of her and the Lord was asking who do you choose? Then she said, what struck her was how satan was jumping up-and-down and a bit of a nervous wreck, impatiently beckoning her to pick him. Where as Jesus stood there patiently, calmly, waiting completely unhurried. I thought this was really profound. And in light of Canada’s 2015 election I have seen Christians on Facebook wringing their hands about the changes to a more liberal government. However I don’t see the Lord wringing his hands! He sits or stands calmly and patiently all knowing.


Children are little adults with wisdom and capabilities in their size. Spirituality for kids is very profound because scripture says, that we need to become more like little children!

Love this book about Hearing From God, for children!

Keeping your toddler entertained…

Keeping your toddler entertained! And thriving at the same time! Toddler-hood for parents is a lovely mix of precious moments and hair-pulling-out exasperated moments as well! Those long days can feel like an eternity. They are either in your hair, dismantling every cupboard in the house, unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper, emptying an entire book case, pouring out every liquid they can find, not to mention drinking it if they can too – WHATEVER that may be…voila, all of THAT in a span of 5 minutes!

FullSizeRender(3)“Surprise Mama!” and there is still another 5 hours before the brief nap bliss time.                                                   But then the voices of the other mother’s who’ve done their time in the trenches ring in my ears. Pleading with us, moms of ‘littles’, to cherish the moments, they wish they had still! So, I should not imply prison, but heaven…really and in reality, this is a stretch, a challenge for all of us.

FullSizeRender(4)The best way, the most wholesome way to keep your toddler entertained {or preschooler for that matter}…IS…TO…INVOLVE them into your daily rhythms. Simple. And difficult.

IMG_1067You’ll feel better. They will feel better. More peace in the home. And those precious relational moments, stimulate brain development in a unique wholesome way unparalleled with any other early childhood type of education.

cookieHold on to the moments, Mama! You can do it. Because that little greasy handprint on your freshly washed table maybe here today, but in reality is a brief wisp of time.





One Mom’s Dirty Little Secret


“I want to be a minimalist!” -me

“PJ, you will never be a minimalist, but you can be a Less-ist!” -former roommate

My dirty little secret is that at one time I lived in a room with pathways. Pathways between clothes, papers, junk, magazines, art projects and all the rest.


After getting married, that all had to change. It’s been 13 years since I lived in a room with pathways. But I still can see myself reverting as I let my closet overflow and surfaces bubbling over. Not to mention seven people in our little home and all of their things.


I first got a glimpse of this little beauty, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up on Instagram. And so I listed it on my city list. I was in the checkout at Chapters, when the gentleman behind the counter enthusiastically said, “you qualify for the deal of the week!”

It was a soft gray tasseled throw. Only $25 regularly $50. I added it to my total. And as I am gathering my goods I say to the gentleman, so I’ve just purchased a book on minimalism, the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing and I’ve already purchased a throw to go with it! Does anyone else see the irony?


I’m excited to endeavor on this journey. I’ve read other books on organization, and most of the time I lose interest halfway through. I’m clinging to the possibility of making it through this entire book without fizzling out, this time. I appreciate her main tool of choosing what to keep is asking oneself this question, “Does it spark Joy?” While holding every item in your hands and contemplating this.


Author Marie Kondo, professes that you need only to tidy once!


Please share your insight or what you found inspiring about her writing. Or if you have taken her advice.



One way to get some Essential Oils for free…

imageLight of Summer is fading and blending into pre-fall light…you can smell the change in the air.                  These days we are planning some back to school Essential Oil wellness classes. Join us and see if there is one near you, I’d love to connect!

imageThere is still a little time left on the Sale on our Premium Essential Oil Starter Kits – This set is a great way to start integrating pure wellness and health into any lifestyle, whether you are already healthy minded or need a kick start into wellness program.


The Big News right now, is that during this Back to School season, Canadian folks ordering a premium starter kit, get Two additional Free oils. A 5 ml of Copaiba AND a 5 ml of AromaEase. We would use AromaEase for any type of digestion support and nausea and Copaiba is my favorite go-to for the occasional pounding headache {paired with my fav. oil Frankincense}.

If I did an online Back to School Essential Oils class for Immune system and Wellness, would you be interested? Please let me know in the comments.