Spirituality for Kids

Is Spirituality for kids important? Whether or not it is important to us, parents, – whatever we live, we are teaching our children.

DSC01329 We as parents set a stage, we set the environment that they grow in. Is it a nurturing one that is life giving? Or is toxic because we live in reactionary mode instead of intentional mode? Spirituality for kids happens whether we are intentional or not. Either they are growing disconnected or connected in body, soul and spirit.oct 11 014When God speaks to my children, sometimes I feel skeptical. And when I say skeptical, I’m just being honest. I do hold to the belief that God is more interested in revealing Himself to my children (to anyone), than I could ever convince. And I resolved a long time ago that the Lord can speak better to an individual than I can. Not to say that God cannot speak through people, he most definitely can!   But I know that God’s ways are higher than my ways, His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. And so to make a quick judgments about how someone hears from God, or if they hear from God is really more His business than mine.

oct 11 030One of the uncomfortable (for me), “words”, or vision that my oldest three children have had at different times over the years has had a similar theme. It is picture/vision/thought (during Listening Prayer)  of the Lord {Jesus} standing before them and the devil, Satan. And in this picture the Lord is asking, “Whom will you serve?” Or more accurately, In their words, “Who do you choose?”

oct 11 031A few days ago my six-year-old explained her vision that she had had during our listening prayer or quiet meditation. She said she saw Jesus and the devil, Satan standing in front of her and the Lord was asking who do you choose? Then she said, what struck her was how satan was jumping up-and-down and a bit of a nervous wreck, impatiently beckoning her to pick him. Where as Jesus stood there patiently, calmly, waiting completely unhurried. I thought this was really profound. And in light of Canada’s 2015 election I have seen Christians on Facebook wringing their hands about the changes to a more liberal government. However I don’t see the Lord wringing his hands! He sits or stands calmly and patiently all knowing.


Children are little adults with wisdom and capabilities in their size. Spirituality for kids is very profound because scripture says, that we need to become more like little children!

Love this book about Hearing From God, for children!

Keeping your toddler entertained…

Keeping your toddler entertained! And thriving at the same time! Toddler-hood for parents is a lovely mix of precious moments and hair-pulling-out exasperated moments as well! Those long days can feel like an eternity. They are either in your hair, dismantling every cupboard in the house, unraveling the entire roll of toilet paper, emptying an entire book case, pouring out every liquid they can find, not to mention drinking it if they can too – WHATEVER that may be…voila, all of THAT in a span of 5 minutes!

FullSizeRender(3)“Surprise Mama!” and there is still another 5 hours before the brief nap bliss time.                                                   But then the voices of the other mother’s who’ve done their time in the trenches ring in my ears. Pleading with us, moms of ‘littles’, to cherish the moments, they wish they had still! So, I should not imply prison, but heaven…really and in reality, this is a stretch, a challenge for all of us.

FullSizeRender(4)The best way, the most wholesome way to keep your toddler entertained {or preschooler for that matter}…IS…TO…INVOLVE them into your daily rhythms. Simple. And difficult.

IMG_1067You’ll feel better. They will feel better. More peace in the home. And those precious relational moments, stimulate brain development in a unique wholesome way unparalleled with any other early childhood type of education.

cookieHold on to the moments, Mama! You can do it. Because that little greasy handprint on your freshly washed table maybe here today, but in reality is a brief wisp of time.





One Mom’s Dirty Little Secret


“I want to be a minimalist!” -me

“PJ, you will never be a minimalist, but you can be a Less-ist!” -former roommate

My dirty little secret is that at one time I lived in a room with pathways. Pathways between clothes, papers, junk, magazines, art projects and all the rest.


After getting married, that all had to change. It’s been 13 years since I lived in a room with pathways. But I still can see myself reverting as I let my closet overflow and surfaces bubbling over. Not to mention seven people in our little home and all of their things.


I first got a glimpse of this little beauty, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up on Instagram. And so I listed it on my city list. I was in the checkout at Chapters, when the gentleman behind the counter enthusiastically said, “you qualify for the deal of the week!”

It was a soft gray tasseled throw. Only $25 regularly $50. I added it to my total. And as I am gathering my goods I say to the gentleman, so I’ve just purchased a book on minimalism, the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing and I’ve already purchased a throw to go with it! Does anyone else see the irony?


I’m excited to endeavor on this journey. I’ve read other books on organization, and most of the time I lose interest halfway through. I’m clinging to the possibility of making it through this entire book without fizzling out, this time. I appreciate her main tool of choosing what to keep is asking oneself this question, “Does it spark Joy?” While holding every item in your hands and contemplating this.


Author Marie Kondo, professes that you need only to tidy once!


Please share your insight or what you found inspiring about her writing. Or if you have taken her advice.



One way to get some Essential Oils for free…

imageLight of Summer is fading and blending into pre-fall light…you can smell the change in the air.                  These days we are planning some back to school Essential Oil wellness classes. Join us and see if there is one near you, I’d love to connect!

imageThere is still a little time left on the Sale on our Premium Essential Oil Starter Kits – This set is a great way to start integrating pure wellness and health into any lifestyle, whether you are already healthy minded or need a kick start into wellness program.


The Big News right now, is that during this Back to School season, Canadian folks ordering a premium starter kit, get Two additional Free oils. A 5 ml of Copaiba AND a 5 ml of AromaEase. We would use AromaEase for any type of digestion support and nausea and Copaiba is my favorite go-to for the occasional pounding headache {paired with my fav. oil Frankincense}.

If I did an online Back to School Essential Oils class for Immune system and Wellness, would you be interested? Please let me know in the comments.





Lovely Lemony Uses

 Not everyone LOVES essential oil scents…but few can say NO to the fresh, mouth watering citrus oils like Orange, Lime, Tangerine and Lemon…Here Are Some Lemon Love Uses:
  • 1-2 drops of Lemon oil to remove gum, oil, grease spots or crayon.
  • 1 drop of Lemon oil to add flavor to baked goods or beverages. {only oils meant for ingestion please, like Young Living}.
  • 2-3 drops of Lemon oil to water in a spray bottle and spray counter tops to sterilize.
  • Soak your dishcloth overnight in a bowl of water and a drop of Lemon oil to disinfect and kill germs.
  • 1 drop of Lemon oil to your dishwasher before the wash cycle.
  • Rub a drop of Lemon oil on your hands after using a public bathroom.
  • Sanitize bathroom fixtures with several drops of Lemon oil on paper towel.
  • May aid problem skin.
  • Rub 1 drop of Lemon oil to clean a cutting board.
  • 10-15 drops of Lemon oil per gallon of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains and brighten carpeting…Leaving fresh fragrance int the room!

{KIND REMINDER::Please remember citrus oils are photosensitive, meaning if you are out in direct sunlight as in tanning at the beach or in your garden your skin will burn from the combination of direct sunlight and topically used citrus oils.}

Kingdom Artistry

One of my favorite garden beauties! I think these are Egyptian Onions or Onion Trees – Gorgeous works of Art!

Nature is abundant with amazing artistry…In Rick Joyner’s The Harvest, he talks of a Creator God, who makes every snowflake different, whose creativity in nature is ample and lavish, and the “church being one of the most boring, void of spontaneity institutions on earth.”

God keep us from an empty way of life! Keep our lives full of creative abounding Life in every aspect…a creativity that makes our world a better place, and prospers those around us!

Fairy Fast Wings: DIY Fairy Wings

DIY Fairy Wings…

Fairy wings are almost a dime a dozen in this country. Every corner dollar store has a pair. But Handmade, Hands Down is Always Best!  Are you ready for DIY Fairy Wings? Anything that stimulates our children’s imagination, we are all for! Imagination is a gift from God – It’s the start of Great Intelligence and Compassion!

Selah was three, and had begged and begged me to make her some wings. This was before they were a dime a dozen, and in every toy store. Exasperated one day, finally getting the baby down for a nap, Selah cried to me, “Please Mama, Please make me some wings!”

Sigh…it was just her and I alone, and not a tired, cranky younger sibling. “Lets go down in the basement to the hoard of craft supplies and see what we can find!” Spotting several sheets of tissue paper we started there. Laid them out, gathered them in the middle and tied some yarn around to keep the gather. We then wove in a huge loop of elastic banding, and sized it to Selah’s shoulders.

Tied the elastic banding to fit. Voila, Fairy Fast Wings!
Here is the real Jewel part of the story…. I placed the fresh wings on her, and her facial expression went from Great satisfaction to discouraged shock! “Mommy! They Don’t Work! Why don’t they work?” I hid my own surprised amusement and disbelief…she had thought that she would be able to fly if only I made her some fairy wings. I love your Faith my sweet Selah!

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Nature School and Authentic Birthdays

 “Find out what everyone else is doing and then do the opposite” – famous saying {Dani Johnson?} and one of my favorite parenting mottoes.

Our family is most peaceful when engaged in nature, imaginative play, and nature exploration.

When my children are engaged in shallow, unimaginative toys it is not as nearly satisfying as seeing them create with nature….’but my child loves {     } so much!’ I’ve heard many mamas say before – yes, my child likes candy, too – but that doesn’t mean they should have it as much as they want to.

As parents we are facilitators. Facilitating learning, encouraging the imagination, nurturing compassion. Does that mean there is not an inch of disney or media in our home? No, we are not purists. Limiting media and encouraging other options of passing of time, I aim towards.

Last week our second oldest turned 8. We did give Joash the choice: a birthday party with friends Or an authentic birthday with outdoor excursions…that is a hard choice when it means the absence of ‘more presents’.  We were glad that he opted for the family overnight trip!

At Wukusko Falls, near Snow Lake Manitoba. We added this place to our definitely-will-go-camping-there list! Two swinging bridges and some campsites with lake access, that we circled on the Campsite map!

 Pisew Falls was the other destination. It was a cold weekend, this June, we almost wished we had brought mittens and gloves – but fun was had by all…and I have to admit, walking in the brisk air without the bugs is much more refreshing!

As soon as the children are old enough to handle an overnight hike, I’m looking forward to the Kwasitchewan Trail, where we can view Manitoba’s highest waterfalls – the only access is by trekking the 22k trail.

…so there were no treat bags, overdose on cake and candy, no themed party paraphernalia…tired kids and tired parents, yes! But I hope memories were made at one of his authentic birthdays!

“They key to success is, find out what everyone else is doing and then do the opposite!”

Saturday Morning Mini Facial

Thanks to friend, Katherine, for suggesting I diffuse Orange and Cedarwood together. A combo I would not have thought of myself.

After washing my face quickly with a homemade patchouli soap, I followed a mini-facial regime from one my my green beauty books:

  •  Organic Sugar, Olive Oil and 1 drop of Vetiver 2 minute facial scrub and rinse
  • Facial Steam, under a towel over freshly boiled filtered water with 2 drops of White Angelica for 5 minutes or more. Heavenly!
  • Facial scrub for a second time for 1-2mins  with the same scrub as above while face is still wet from the steam.
  • Yogurt, honey, egg white and lemon oil/juice facial mask, smoothed over left to dry, and hope no guests show up! Rinse.
  • No need to moisturize with the olive oil residue from the scrub. Ending with a slather of Lavender Hand and Body Lotion on my hands and the toddler with some eczema!

All in a Saturday Morning’s hard day of work!

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